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Our In-room directories are the perfect choice for every hotel. These products can be fully customized to include exclusive offers to guests during their stay. This product helps to support local businesses as well as adds that extra accommodation from the hotel that every guest is looking for.

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Local discounts your guests will love

Your local sponsors are waiting to give your guests an exclusive experience by giving attractive offers that only guests of your hotel are going to receive.

Needed and requested information

Also features necessary hotel information, guiding the guests to look further into your advertisements, and saving your concierge time handling basic requests for information.

You are providing an experience

And this gives them something to add to it! Thoughtful details are why they are staying at your hotel - this just makes it even more memorable.

An example of one of our directories

You can check out a virtual flipbook version of one of the directories we produced in the past.

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Brand-Standard Compliance

We understand your hotel/resort has certain brand requirements, and our products meet them. We are experts in this field, and we know how valuable your brand is. That's why nothing is produced without your approval.

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